11/1 Portal….Opening the Door to POTENTIAL!!

11/1 Portal….Opening the Door to POTENTIAL!!! 

As you are all aware, that the 11/1 will occur on Thursday, January 11th, 2018. So what does this truly mean?

Since January is the 1st month of 2018, consider this month to be the focus on oneself, and in astrology this would be consider your first house – the acting self, the individualist and creator self.

Being the new year of 2018, it is a perfect time to make personal and unique plans tailored to you – and this can be anything. From specific personal goals of work or career, study, travel, health, family, relationships, friendships, new hobbies, new interests, the list can be endless!! In Numerology, the very powerful number of 1, relates to new beginnings, a sense of renewal, fresh starts, independence, uniqueness, motivation, inspiration and the ability to strive forward with your life. Partnered with the Master Number of 11, which would equal: 11/1; or 111, would aid you towards manifestation a particular goal.

The Master Number of 11, which is also known as the Karmic Master Teacher, helps to awakening your spiritual abilities and psychic abilities. It also helps you to understand your own creativity and is ruled by the planet Neptune. This karmic number can help you to see your personal goals from a higher perspective and to seek the higher opportunities and possibilities for your highest and greatest good. Even if you may not understand the answers straight away, it will come to you in due time.

Now, the reason why I suggested to focus on one particular goal, ambition, or aspiration is while it is good to have many plans; it could cause confusion for you. To focus or manifest one desire, one goal is to work on this one thing that your soul and heart truly desires. When you focus on one task at hand, it is less stressful, and you can enjoy the journey ahead of you. Be open minded, to whatever may come, without any judgement.

Now this isn’t to say that your one desired manifestation can’t have a positive or optimistic influence on other aspects of your life – IT CAN. It can be definitely be very transformational to your life. Just remember to take one goal or desire at a time.

In regards to timing about manifestations – yes, there is timing for EVERYTHING. My suggestion is to be flexible about timing as well. You can be specific about time, but remember with the law of attraction and karma, is that there is always DIVINE TIMING. The Universe has a wondrous way to make sure with the help of your spiritual team to ensure that your manifestations and prayers are heard, but you need to understand that our time, may not match up the Divine’s time with your plans, goals, or aspirations.

So just enjoy this experience on January 11th, 2018. There are many blessings to be seen and understood in 2018. We still all have 12 months to learn, grow and develop in this world and the Universe around us. Don’t be afraid to open the door towards your own potential! Believe in yourself!!

With love, light and many blessings to you and always!

Libby xoxox

Master Number 11

The Master Number is also a Karmic number to help you manifest your desires!



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