April 2017 General & Love Mini Readings: Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius

April 2017 General & Love Mini Readings!

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius


Aries – Sun, Moon & Rising
GENERAL: Renewal – Archangel Jeremiel 

PENTACON DIGITAL CAMERAAries, it’s time to reevaluate what is most important to you! Archangel Jeremiel helps to look on your life and review what you have learnt so far. It’s time to make thoughtful and confident decisions right now. Don’t focus on what you could have done, but focus on what you can do right now! Legal issues will look most favorable on you at this point in time. In addition with all this great change, tests, examinations and certifications will go extremely well. Embrace all this unique has to offer.

LOVE: Reconciliationreconciliation

You may find someone from your past returning! This may be an ex lover, but it could
most likely be a friend. There is change in the air, Aries so just embrace this! I’m hearing that it doesn’t mean that you will get back together with this person, but rather just tiring up loose ends. There is a great deal of healing involved in this relationship, whether it is friendship or otherwise. Have honest conversations with this person and speak from your heart. Time heals all wounds and be kind to yourself during this time.

Leo  – Sun, Moon & Rising
GENERAL:  Queen of Water: 

queen-of-waterThe Queen of Water is experiencing a deepening within her or his relationships on a more intimate level at this time of year. He or she may also discover that their psychic and intuitive abilities are very much heightened at this point in time. Leo, you may even experience new and exciting creativity ideas! While you may be more emotional than usual – do take some time out for yourselves. Live in the moment, and take one single day at a time. You will find better balance this way. 

LOVE: Separation: separation

Leo, while you may be going thorough quite an emotional experience in April, you may be in a period of introspection and reviewing your life. Some you of may decide to have a temporary break from your partner or from dating at this time. I feel for some of you; you want to take some time to relax and focus on yourselves for a change. Some of you, yes – sadly you will decide to call it quits with your partner. I”m hearing “out with old, in the new” but this is a necessary change for you for what it is store for the second part for 2017. Keep your chin up – it will be okay.

 Sagittarius   – Sun, Moon & Rising
GENERAL:  Knight of Earth: 

the-knight-of-earthSagittarius, you are a very hard work, you are ready to continue with more fabulous work! Don’t worry so much about the action plan and just embrace on the action aspect of this work! This could apply to make areas of your life such as your career, finances, social life, family life or health. You will find a very loyal, support close to you. This could be a friend, family member or your partner/spouse. Embrace this new change of abundance prosperity and happiness in your life! Your beloved Guardian Angels are with you! 

 LOVE: Children: children

With all the busyness of life, Sagittarius, it seems the kids will be taken a slight priority before you love life, but please don’t worry. I’m hearing for you to please take some time to prioritize what is most important. Don’t get me wrong, the children & babies are extremely important, but so is seeing to your relationship with your partner as well. For some of you, the question having children in your relationship will be raised and you will be in discussions with your partner about this personal question. Speak from your heart, Sagittarius, only you can answer this very personal question with your partner. This card also indicates for you to bring out the inner child within your relationship with your partner as well, and be more playful, joyful and fun in your relationship.




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