Card of the Day: COMFORT & JOY

Card of the Day: COMFORT 

(Courtesy of Loving Words from Jesus by Doreen Virtue)

John 1418

“I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” (John 14: 18)

Libby’s note: I am conscious of people’s beliefs on organised religion, which I humbly respect wholeheartedly; but this is purely for motivational and inspirational purposes. I grew up Catholic, and I have always been fascinated with World Religions. I will with time look into other Ascended Masters and Spiritual Teachers. Blessings to you, my friends. ❤ 

We still have several more weeks of Lent to go, but this card came out of the deck of cards. Today’s message is about know that Jesus of Nazareth or any Ascended Master of any faith or denomination will never leave our side.

Life can be very difficult and challenging at times. There’s no easy road for anyone – you just don’t know the steps that someone has to take in order to get up in the morning or to go to bed at night. Until we learn to walk in another’s shoes, we don’t know the extend life has shown them.

But with Divine love and light that surrounds you and your loved ones, you never walk alone – and this is a message that Jesus Christ has for us today. Hence, Jesus’s teaching tells us that He walks with us….each and everyday. We are never alone – as well as many other spiritual and inspirational Ascended Masters.

So by knowing that you are always comforted even in the darkest times of life, know that you will get out – and towards the light with love, comfort, understanding and hope of better tomorrow.

You never walk alone as an Ascended Master like, Jesus of Nazareth (as well as much others: Buddha, Moses, Muhammad) walks with you, everyday.

Have a safe and blessed week ahead!

Love Libby xoxo



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