Card of the Day: EMERALD (For Sunday)

Card of the Day: EMERALD (For Sunday) 

(Courtesy of the The Secret Language of Colour Cards by Inna Segal) 


“Divine Love, I rejoice in the wonder of nature. Every time I focus on the greenery around me, I feel calm, perfect balance, and harmony.”

Emerald is the colour that will help you feel a sense of calmness, of grounding and helps you to overcome fears or frustrations. No wonder it is the colour associated with beloved Archangel Raphael – who is the healing Angel. Raphael is an Angel who helps you find a better understanding to your health and well-being – including finding the right medical practitioner for you!

By using the Emerald Green colour you can also ease challenging situations and bring more harmony into your life, dissolve away aggression, and can also help mend a broken heart.

You can also use this beautiful healing colour to increase your energy levels, increase your self-esteem, and attracting abundance.

Embracing this colour doesn’t necessarily mean to get outside in the outdoors – unless you feel guided to, but rather to meditate, to focus on calming your mind; even just for a few minutes.

We all deserve a break in the mist of our chaotic world – and this is about having balance in our lives.

If you are guided to get in the ourdoors – nature is very healing. Even a simple walk can make all the difference of embracing the unique you that you truly are!

With lots of love to you all!

Libby xoxox


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