Card of the Day: FERTILITY

Card of the Day: FERTILITY

(Courtesy of the Dreamtime Reading Cards by Laura Bowen) 


“The Sun, is our Mother Earth, the Giver of Life. With promises, of new beginnings each and every day. ” 

In some Aboriginal culture groups the sun –  rather than associated with masculinity is – describe as female. The sun was considered the great mother, the giver of life, of warmth and of nourisher of the earth. Often these groups were matrilineal societies, where knowledge was passed from mothers and aunts to the next generation.

The sun is associated with warmth and nurturing, the fertile womb of the mother, the one who births new life.

The sun promises a second chance and is a warming reminder that tomorrow is another day – in the morning, the sun will rise, and a brand-new day will begin, full of potential and warmth.

Australia is a harsh continent and is often affected by long periods of drought. At its most dangerous, the sun can burn, kill livestock and can leave the landscape barren. This is a reminder that it is not  possible to live continuously in light and warmth. You must also spend time in the darkness of night and the cooling retreat of the shade. Often, the best times to connect to the sun are to connect with it at sunrise and sunset. These times, when the sky glows with colour, are a very special time for personal reflection and promise.

Wishing you a happy and blessed week ahead!

Many blessings to you, my friends <3

Libby xo


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