Card of the Day – FIVE OF WANDS (UPRIGHT)

Card of the Day – FIVE OF WANDS (UPRIGHT) 

(Courtesy of the Rider-Waite Tarot Card Deck)


In tarot, there is truly no rules and it is through interpretation of the cards. So for today’s card of the day, I will just talk generally about the card as this card touches on some many different possibilities (as so often happens in tarot!) One or more interpretation may resonate with you. 

For this card, you may be feeling a conflict within yourself or even a conflict with someone else.  There perhaps may be something bothering you. You seem very uncertain or unsure about what to do, or even how to approach this with the other person. This could a work colleague, your boss, or even a love partner. There seems to be an annoyance energy within you or between you and this other person.

It may not help if other people are involved in this situation – particularly if it is a work situation. There may be a lot of discussion and perhaps you feel as through you may not have your voice heard. So clear communication between all parties involved is essential here. The same can be said for relationships. You wish to be heard in the relationship – to be both seen and as well as heard. 

In terms if this is a personal conflict or a personal struggle, you could be trying to fight change. You may be unsure if you can handle change. Change is necessary in terms of personal growth, as well as change happens throughout one’s life. While change can be both good, bad, beautiful and unexpected this card is encourage you to embrace it.

Be open to embrace change for today….and see where it leads you. 

With love and blessings, 

Libby xoxo 


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