Card of the Day: KNIGHT OF AIR

Card of the Day: KNIGHT OF AIR

(Courtesy of the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine) 


“Events that occur with great speed. Take time to carefully review your options. Creative solutions.” 

Now, is the time to consider all your options as new and exciting things are just on the horizon! Things may be moving faster than you (or someone you know) may have anticipated, but please don’t worry – all is well, and will continue to be so!

You may discover that your career seems to be progressing faster than you thought – or perhaps a new creative project comes to your mind that opens a new world of possibilities. By using both your creativity and your logic, you can truly create new exciting things for yourself and others. Be inspired by the world around you!

This may refer to you or someone you know (as Tarot cards don’t know any gender) but you may be someone who likes to be keep busy and is extremely intelligent. They are also very assertive – and are very good at being activists for a cause close to their heart or by life experience. They work tirelessly to help others, but they need to cautious not to get burnout.

In order to avoid a burnout or exhaustion, it’s important to take some time out for yourself and get some rest. While many lightworkers wish to care for others, you can only do this when you are energized  yourself.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Angel blessings to you!

Libby xoxoxo


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