Card of the Day: PREHNITE – TRUST

Card of the Day: PREHNITE – TRUST

(Courtesy of the Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman)
This gorgeous crystal is a remind for you to trust that you are heading in the right direction . You are being called to trust yourself, the Divine on a more deeper level. The chakra associated with this crystal is the heart, and with working with this crystal you can open your heart to love, to support, to rebuild, to strengthen, the relationship within yourself, with your loved ones, with that beloved special someone, and within your beloved spiritual team – including Mother Earth. This beautiful and peaceful energy can lift your vibrations high to the optimum levels to help you gain trust within yourself as well as others – especially if you have been in hurt in the past. It can also help you explore a path towards a healing modality if you choose too – as well as if you seeking to be a healer, can balance your heart as you practice your chosen healing modality or medicine on others.
Either way, enjoy these healing and uplifting vibrations of this opaque green (with a little splash of white!) crystal into your life today! Trust your heart!
Much love and light <3
Libby xoxo

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