Card of the Day: SPRING

Card of the Day: SPRING

(Courtesy of the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue)


Awakening. Projects. Renewal. 

Spring as finally Sprung!  Springs shows all of us that we can always be renewed and begin again. New beginnings can happen every day.

You will also noticed that your physical, mental, spiritual bodies will have awakened given you refreshing ideas and insights in to what you need to know during the new month of April – which is in the Northern Hemisphere is in the Springtime!

With renewing your mind, body and soul, it does give you the opportunity to check in within yourself if there’s anything you wish to change about yourself – you can do it at this time! What not be inspired to learn a new skill? Start a new fitness regime? Play a musical instrument? Join a social club? Read a book? The list of possibilities is endless!

In order for a flower to bloom, a seed must be planted….and this is exactly what this card’s message is for today. You are planting the seeds towards your next steps of your journey.

With lot of love and care from the sun, water, time; and the energy, the will-power of the little seed: the flower will bloom because it will know when it is ready to just SHINE.

Have a safe, happy and blessed weekend!

Love Libby xoxox


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