Card of the Day: TEN OF WANDS – REVERSED

Card of the Day: TEN OF WANDS – REVERSED

(Courtesy of the Rider-Waite Tarot Cards by A.E. Waite & Pamela Coleman Smith)

Perhaps you have been avoiding an issue a task or something that you have been putting off for some time. However, you cannot avoid this responsibility any further. You know what you have to do, and this is the perfect time to make a fresh start. This may have been playing on your mind for some time, maybe it is time to ask for help from other people and delegate tasks to others?

I do feel with the current energy, many of us are hesitating with change. We have fears and worries associated with change. But you can’t run from change, unfortunately. It can be scary sometimes we don’t know the outcome – if it going to be a positive or negative outcome afoot.

Nevertheless, let’s take a step back, and relax. Rather than focusing on your worry, why not focus on your present moment? Enjoy the sunshine, the cool breeze, the leaves falling from the trees, spending time with those whom you love, basically anything that brings you back to this moment.

Another message with this particular tarot card is that some of you may have taken on a heavy burden, task or situation, when in reality, you don’t need to, anymore. You can let this go. Sometimes, it is hard to let go, because we have been working so hard on a project or a task, and it’s not working, or we are just exhausted from working so tirelessly.

Now, this isn’t to say, that the dream is over. The dream is NEVER OVER, until you make this individual and personal choice yourself. Sometimes, in order to get a fresh perspective as well as to give your mind, body and soul a break, we all need time to rest, reflection and to try again when you are ready to.

That’s the whole basis of life. We are here to learn, to grow and give things a try. There is no sense in worrying about change until you give things a try. While many psychics and spiritual workers can give you some perspective of where you need to go, however, the ultimate decision is up to YOU, the individual. This is the whole law of FREE WILL.  No one should tell you what to do in your life, because it is just that – your life!

So go be that amazing person that you are!!

Love Libby xo


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