Card of the Day: THE WORLD

Card of the Day: THE WORLD

(Courtesy of the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine)

A brilliant success! The freedom to go in any direction. A journey this now complete.

While in the air, there are endings, there are merely beginnings as well. The world is around, and its orbit creates a cycle of life. It filled with possibilities and opportunities – and to just remind you….it is YOURS!

So please don’t limit yourself. You are not trapped – you are just beginning onwards on your journey, but if this cycle has finished be opened to another exciting and adventurous journey ahead.

You need to value yourself – You need to value your skillset, your time, your own personal power, and your own resources. While you can be a great support and comfort to others, it is vital to care and love yourself enough to see the true value in YOU.

Happiness comes from enjoying the journey, not solely the destination. Therefore, the World is truly your oyster. The World values you, because you value yourself.

Enlightenment comes from knowing who you truly are. And living this enlightenment with integrity.

Additional meanings of this card: A journey that has now come to an end. New beginnings. Great achievements. The freedom to go in any direction of your choice.

With love and Tarot blessings,

Libby xo


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