Card of the Day: YOU ARE LOVABLE!

<3 <3 Card of the Day: YOU ARE LOVABLE! <3 <3

(Courtesy of the Romance Angels Oracle Card by Doreen Virtue) 

“You are lovable!” 


Valentine’s Day is also the Feast day of Saint Valentine or Valentinus, who is the patron Saint of love, betrothed couples, happy marriages, birds, neurological disorders – particular epilepsy.

 February 14th, was  originated in western Christian liturgical feast day celebrating in many countries around the world – however it is not a public holiday.

This is particular day isn’t just for those who are in relationships or who are married. It is for everyone! However, the day is materialised towards people in relationships, partnerships and marriages.

This card is a simple reminder to embrace love. Love comes in many different forms and the most important one of all is self-love, self-compassion, and self-acceptance. Yes, these three things may be hard to acknowledge in our adult lives, but it is necessary in order to be open to having a romantic relationship with someone.

Your Angels are working hard to find you the perfect partner for you to be with. It’s important to be yourself and to trust your heart, your Angels and Guides as well as the Divine to provide you with a wonderful person to grow old with or perhaps reunite your flame of energy once more in your relationship. You can ask your spiritual team – particularly the Guardian Angels of your true love, to bring both of you together. Thank them for bring both of you together!

So no matter how you are celebrating this day – let’s celebrate love! Whether it’s with your partner, your spouse, your children, your pets, your friends, or even if you’re single -know that you are love! You deserve love!

there’s nothing more powerful than love. And love is a very high vibration frequency. It makes the world go around!

With love and light,

Libby xoxox


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