(Courtesy of The Healing Oracle Crystal Cards by Rachelle Charman 

For the week commencing: Monday, September 17, 2018

Crystal Colour: Opaque and translucent pinks
Related Chakras associated with this Crystal: Heart Chakra

 Who do you need to forgive? Or have you forgiven yourself? Like it or not, forgiveness, is a paramount in the human existence and in human emotion. So, what is forgiveness?  Most dictionaries define forgiveness as ‘the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, letting go of any of negative emotions such as vengefulness, bitterness, resentment, or anger with an increased ability to wish the offender well.’

How often as we as human beings have reflected on such a profound and life changing process? Have we thought to perhaps consider that we haven’t forgiven others (and ourselves) as often as we should or could have? While everyone has their own personal journey, life experiences and free will – think about releasing old static energy and deep repressed emotions because of not forgiving other people because of these assumptions or judgments.

Many people from all walks of life, in spirituality and in history have demonstrated the act of forgiveness. The late Nelson Mandala who was the former President of South Africa; is a famous example. For being in prison for 27 years of his life, due his stance on black rights in South Africa, which Mandala showed forgiveness and compassion for those who imprisoned him years before.

Another famous example of forgiveness which frankly still a long way to go. On February 13th, 2008, the Australian Government issued a formal apology in Australian Parliament to all Indigenous Australians who were forcibly removed from their parents, and families by Australian State and Federation agencies.  This was also known as the Stolen Generation. While it can’t repair the physical, mental, emotional, sexual or spiritual damage of these generations of children and their families, it is a step forward towards reconciliation – of understanding of our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

The Pink Tourmaline helps to open your heart towards forgiveness and helps you to understand whom you need to forgive. Perhaps even to find the right words to say to the person or persons whom you need to forgive. If you can’t speak to them in person – why not speak to them in Spirit? Ask for forgiveness through Spirit, through journaling, through meditation, through prayer, through speaking with your Higher Self.

You can also use the same techniques to ask for forgiveness for yourself. What do you need or want to forgive about yourself? Even if the answers don’t come to you straight away, trust that your Spirit and the Divine Spirit will guide you. There’re no right or wrong answers here. Trust your intuition.

Finally, the wonderful thing about forgiveness….it always makes everything anew!

So, in brief:

  • Stone of grace, aligning your soul with the Divine vibration
  • Assists in releasing blame and guilt; and finding deep forgiveness
  • Powerfully opens the heart
  • Transforms barriers around the heart chakra
  • Opens you to experience the magic and joy that life has to share
  • Increases and encourages spontaneity and fun

Namaste xo





(Courtesy of Dreamtime Reading Cards by Laura Bowen)

If you’re not familiar with the Southern Cross, it is a constellation in the night sky in the Southern Hemisphere. It does look like a symbol of a cross for example found in Christianity.

Indigenous Australians for many thousands of years have used the stars to navigate and learn how to find their way back home when there were travelling or walkabout, or hunting. This skill was taught at a very young age and passed on from their Aboriginal elders from generation to generation.

Why was this so important? It was a life and vital lesson skill necessary to help each man, woman and child find their own tribes or communities. Navigation wasn’t only just by Indigenous Australian astrology, but also by communicating deeply with the Australian native plants, animals and wildlife.

This card is a message to reminder you that we are all seek our own unique path. We are all meant to find our own path – especially to find our own path home. Home is where the heart is, and we need to remember to always come from a place of love, compassion and strength within ourselves.

This is also a message to also keep on striving to keep on going towards the things that we are passionate and love about. Why be in a job or a career that you hate if you aren’t motivated or passionate about? Why not find a path towards a job or career that you are motivated and inspired to do?

If you really love someone, tell them. Don’t waste any time by not saying a word. A path towards any type of happiness, there may have a chance of heartache, but how will you know until you try to walk that path?

Yes, it is difficult not to know what is ahead of us, but by trusting and having faith that our destination, our home is just within reach, makes life more fulfilling; to learn and enjoy every footprint we leave on our own unique path.

Keep the faith xoxo

(Courtesy of the Shamanic Medicine Reading Cards by BARBARA MEIKLEKOHN-FREE & FLAVIA KATE PETERS)

A knowing will be revealed to you. Stone people are the record keepers of the planet who hold the ancient knowledge that you are now require. Connecting to this ancient and wise teachers stirs buried memories of honouring nature in shamanic ways. You know deep down within that this is the truth of who you are. Perhaps you have heard the Stone people calling you through the winds, whispers you the directions to the answers that you are seeking, for they have lived here for many years and have walked on this planet before you.
Great Mystery surrounds the Stone circles. For they have carried all the secrets and knowledge for all they have witnessed and learnt through all their lifetimes. Yet, much of their history is yet to be discovered.

The Stone people are willing to share their ancient and shamanic lessons with you. They would like to bring you back to your roots. It’s time to embrace this beautiful energy by coming to a slow mind. The right stone, either a pebble, a rock or a large boulder will connect to you. This stone will be given to you to help you seek your past, to help you understand any unanswered questions you may have at this time. Why? Because the more you understand your own individual past….the more you can find a deep purpose to heal, to cleanse and to become your own seeker of truth. Don’t be afraid to find your own “Aha!” moment!

Additional meanings of this card:

Be clear about your intentions. Investigate thoroughly before proceeding. Some information you require will be presented unexpectedly. A return to study. You know more than you realise. Be open to esoteric information. Meditate at a sacred stone circle.

Silently we’ve watched the past.
Memories saved within, to last.
Greet our faces in the rock.
Ancient knowledge to unlock.

Namaste xo

Stone People


(Courtesy of the Angelic Dreams by Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue)

This card comes to you today as a reminder to cleanse and release yourself from any burden or worry. We use bathrooms for very private matters, a place to wash up, a place of solitude, and a place to get prepped. However we either, consciously or subconsciously transfer our burdens (or junk) onto others, or the reverse – others may transfer their burdens (or junk) onto you. This is a time to pay attention to what you are feeling – your true wisdom of what is actually going on here. Sometimes all you can do is release these worries or burdens, even if you’re not sure why they have come up to you, (this could be someone else trying to take your own power away from you).
But please keep in mind and be aware not to unload these feelings onto someone else!

Wrap yourself with Divine white light and ask for protection and clarification. When you get rid of any unwanted or unnecessary feelings, or attitudes you will become more grounded. It is the time to take care of yourself and remember that you are a powerful and loveable human being. You can ask for extra protection if you are more sensitive around certain people, place or energies.

Call upon Archangels Raphael, Haniel and Uriel, who can help you to heal, protection gain clarity and wisdom from anything that you need to release and clarity in your life right now.

Namaste xo




(Courtesy of Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)

Horus in Ancient Egyptian mythology was the falcon-head sky and sun God. His parents were Osiris and Isis. Horus is one the most significant deities. You may also be familiar with the ‘Eye of Horus”. This is because one of Horus’ eyes was injured in a battle of revenge of his father’s death. The Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection, royal power and good health from the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

With the help of beloved Horus, he can help you seek spiritual wisdom and insights with your spiritual and physical sight.
This card comes to you today, because your feelings and intuition about a situation, a relationship or an issue are true and correct. It is time for you to believe in this information.
Let go of any doubts or fears. This Divine information from your guides, Angels and your spiritual team. Believe in yourself – no matter what any skeptics or critics may say. Even if people aren’t supporting you…. trust that Spirit is!

Believe in yourself because Spirit believe in YOU!

Additional meanings of this card: Trust your intuition and gut feelings. Ignore critics, naysayers or skeptics. Avoid situations or relationships that don’t feel right for you. Only you know what is right for you.

Namaste and Blessings xoxo

Card for this Day: BY THE BOOK
(Courtesy of the Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid)

Essential meanings: Abide by social rules; conformity; respecting family or cultural customs; universal laws.

The Oracle’s Message: The Universe works within a structure of Divine laws and principles that provides the framework for the human experience and evolution. The Law of Abundance, The Law of Prayer, The Law of Karma, The Law of Thought, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Compensation and The Law of Nature are the only few that are known . These principles create perfect order and operate beyond human understanding. Even revolution has its place in universal law. Human beings, in turn, have their own laws and customs that vary from culture to culture, and family to family. Laws keep social order and govern behavior, reflecting instinctive understanding that harmony is important. There is a time to learn these laws and conform them,, rather than being the rebel and flouting them.

When this card appears, submit to structure and follow the rules, even if they make no sense. Release resistance, for universal laws will correct any disharmony. Open your eyes to those universal laws; and it will be easier to go by the book this time.



(Courtesy of the Guided by the Angels by Adolfo Perez Agusti)

He has the harmonious character, balance the spiritual with the material. He is mature and master is impulses, due to his maturity; however he sometimes feels disconnected from his social group, family and friends. He has a clear view of the world and its law and always goes the furthest he can in what he proposes to do. he follows his heart and, great intuition, show humility in transmitting his knowledge and wisdom.

Angelic Choir: SERAPHIM
Ruling Hour: FROM 2.20 AM TO 2.40 PM
Reasons for invoking:

  • To protect people and things
  • To expel “evil spirits’ or obsessive negative thoughts
  • To obtain God’s compassion and blessing
  • To favour agriculture production

If you are born on the following days, this Angel is one of your Guardian Angels:

January 13th, March 27th, June 8th, August 20th, November 1st.

Blessings to all xoxo


(Courtesy of the China Tarot Card Deck)


Strength is a shield, and as a protector. Nonetheless, you need to take a leap of faith, to find the courage to wear this shield every single day of your life.

– Libby, Founder of Spiritual Blessings

This card is for everyone who is seeking to overcome any difficulties, struggles, or obstacles in their life. Upright, this card gives you, strength for when and where you need it most in your life. Perhaps you are overcoming such adversity that you need to realize how far you have come on your life and spiritual journey.

We each have our own path in life. No one has said that life is easy. The Lion has been a symbol of courage and strength in many cultures and philosophies through Western and Eastern history.

It is now a special time to have compassion and patience for YOURSELF. Realize that good fortunate and joy is within your reach in good time. It’s also necessary to enjoy what you do have. The gratefulness in your being will help manifested the many blessings and wonders that is to come with Divine timing.

For all men, women and children we ALL have CONTROL in our lives. We can all make the decisions that influence our desires, hopes and aspirations with our free will.

It is our STRENGTH, COURAGE and PROTECTION and helps everyone to seek through with determination to complete them.

Have faith and strength, for the Divine works in mysterious ways.

Namaste xo


Native Wisdom for today: COMMUNICATION

(Courtesy of the Native Wisdom for White Minds: Daily Reflections Inspired by the Native Peoples of the World by Anne Wilson Schaef)

Wisdom for the day of: Thursday, August 16, 2018

“Oh, be quiet, crow. We hear you.”
“That old crow is a messenger. He’s telling us where to go to find Aunt Millie. He is leading the way.”

– Lorraine, Aboriginal Elder.

On this trip, we were supposed to meet with Aunt Millie a ninety-three-year-old Aboriginal Elder and Keeper of Sacred Sites. But we weren’t sure where Aunt Millie was.

I have to say there was a crow whenever we stopped., and it was noisy. I did not know the language of the crow, but my companions do. Who knows, I thought, he may speak the only language of the Australian Aboriginal. That’s not it, though, because my Native friends the world over tell me that the crow is a messenger.

Animals seem to speak a universal language. Maybe if we understood and spoke the language of the animals, we wouldn’t have to translate for humans. Australian Aboriginals say that if we have nothing to hide, all of us can communicate telepathically.

We found Aunt Millie.

When I learn to listen to nature, I am never lost.



Card for this Day: HELLO FROM HEAVEN

(Courtesy of Archangels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)

Archangel Azrael:
“Your loved ones in Heaven are doing fine. Let go of worries and feel their loving blessings.”

Our loved ones are never far away. Actually, they are very close by! If you sit in stillness and calmness you can feel their presence surrounding you with their love, and compassion from above. Trust that all the Divine messages whether it may be visitations either in dreams, in meditations, through prayer, or through other Divine signs such as feathers, coins, animals, symbols, or other beautiful messages that you can easily recognize.

Trust that these messages are TRUE and are for your highest and greatest good. These messages are to help you and your intuition to make the best choices with your life and your spiritual journey.

Our loved ones (included our furry loved ones!) want us to be happy, even through physically they’re not with us in the physical world, yet, they are in the spiritual world. They don’t want us to be sad, or to be suffering and in turn, they would like us to know that they are safe, well and sending much love and blessings to you and your loved ones on Earth.

By working with your Guardian Angels and spiritual teams, you are working towards your true and soul purpose!

Be fearless and show love to every living being.

Archangel Azrael is known as the “Angel of Death” since his primary role is to help people who have crossed over to Heaven after their physical death. Far from a morbid or frightening role, Azrael guides the newly-crossed over souls to Heaven with love, compassion and comfort. Azrael also guides everyone through life changes or life transitions in the physical world and helps those who want to contact a deceased loved one. He also comforts and guides anyone who is experiencing any form of grief, loss or trauma.

With love and blessings to you, all xoxo



Crystal for the Week: DIOPTASE – HEART HEALING

(Courtesy of The Healing Oracle Crystal Cards by Rachelle Charman)

For the week commencing: Monday, August 13, 2018

Crystal Colour: Emerald Green
Related Chakras associated with this Crystal: Heart

As we continue to go through a deep release and healing over the next two weeks (from August 7th to August 19th) We will experience many different retrogrades that may continue longer than this duration. This will include: Mercury, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and Mars. We will also experience the New Moon in Libra which calls us to bring more harmony, flow and balance into our being, as well as the energy of the Lion’s Gate on August 8th, 2018.

Mixed into this, is the Perseid Meteor Showers, between August 11th to August 13th, 2018. This event will have between 100 to 150 shooting stars over these three special nights.

So this may explain a deep need to release any karmic ties to anything that no longer serves a purpose for you. It is our natural state of being to open and to share our expressions, our emotions and our love to the world. However, being human, we often can easily get hurt in this process.

Every single person natural take on survival if someone or something has violated their trust, is to shut down. To close yourself off, and your heart from those who care for you and who want to help you. Nevertheless, LOVE is essential for healing, and is a powerful energy to heal ANYTHING.

The key is to love yourself (and others) through your experiences and through your hurts. We can’t change our past, as much as we would like to, or want to. But we can learn from it, and help others understand from our own unique perspective what we have been through.

Please keep your heart chakra OPEN and FREE TO LOVE. Why? Because the Divine LOVES YOU, and two- you deserve many different types of LOVE. There’s so much love for you out in this world… just need to find it. It may not be the love that you want (such as romantic love) but if you are open and accepting of all type of love (love of a parent, or grandparent, love of a friend, or love of a pet) the love that you are truly seeking will come to you in due course.

Sometimes, in this emotional time we need to let go of people or things that no longer serve us. While this may be difficult for many of you; please remember this: It’s not that you wish them ill-will or you need to forgive them (that’s your personal choice) but all you can do is energetically send them love, wish them well and say that you have moved on.

This creates healthy energy and karmic boundaries between you, other people, places and things. We all need space and time to heal, and everyone has their unique spiritual journey to travel on.

We all need love, it’s just a matter of healing ourselves, before we can heal others.

Namaste xoxo

So in brief:

• Heals the inner realms of the wounded heart and enhances openness
• Transmutes and heals old pain and emotional wounds
• Allows you dissolve and release sadness in your life
• Lets down walls of anger, bitterness, resentment, and resistance, embracing love and connection


Card of the Day: YIN AND YANG

(Courtesy of GAIA ORACLE by Toni Carmine Salerno)

I love and accept all that I am
There is nothing to change,
there is only love
Every aspect of me
Serves me and others in some way
I create health, wealth and harmony
by loving what is
All I accept and love
transforms into greater love

Yin and Yang are the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies that preside within our being. We need these beautiful and powerful energies to feel as sense of balance, harmony and tranquility in our being as human beings. Whether you’re a man or a woman, or if you identify as either a man or woman – we all have these Divine energies within our soul.

This card is a reminder that perhaps currently you are experiencing some disharmony in some aspect of your life due to a refusal to accept certain aspects of your unique personality. Nothing about you is bad. Perhaps there are traits within your personality, your talents or qualities are something that you are yet to discover.

You may need to learn to accept self-love, self-kindness, or have more confidence. For each person it will be different. For anything you feel, think or perceive that you are lacking about yourself; you actually have within yourself.

For every strength you have in your being, you also have a weakness. We all have weaknesses. But, merely our weaknesses, balance out our strengths. We need to always have harmony since we are all spiritual beings of Divinity.

Nothing is neither good nor bad. It is, just is. We need not to compete, but merely support one another.

To find love is to accept both our flaws and our successes. We need to learn to accept our whole selves – our wholistic being.

Allow the beautiful energies of both Yin and Yang to bring you love and confidence to your soul.

Namaste xo

Yin Yang

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