Crystal Card of the Week: DIVINE TEMPLE

Crystal Card of the Week: DIVINE TEMPLE

Crystal Card for the Week: DIVINE TEMPLE – SOURCE
(February 12th – February 18th, 2018)

This crystal is a MASTER TEACHER CARD meaning, that it invokes healing and powerful learning curves for all that seek its crystal wisdom and knowledge.

As many of you I’m sure have experienced recently, in big or small ways friction or tension among friends or family members. Perhaps there has been misunderstandings, miscommunications, jealously, fighting, or some kind or in differences.

Now, this card is encouraging ALL OF US to seek to come back to SOURCE. SOURCE can be seen as God, the Divine, Higher Power, Divine Intervention, Allah, Adonai, and Yahweh, (well, there’s many names of Source – you’re welcome to name SOURCE, however you feel best comfortable). We are all encouraged to seek a understanding of why we are behaving this way.

There is truth that the Solar Eclipse which is occurring on Thursday February 15, 2018 at 27° Aquarius in the Tropical Zodiac; is leading us to transformation as the major focus will be on ideas and communications as well as other topics on focus will be health, love, relationships and friendships.

However, on a individual level, we seem to be still coming into clashes at times with other people. Everyone is truly entitled to their opinion, and thought, but every person need to consider their own actions of thought and or words. Yes, words have energy, but we are also not made of glass. We can still speak of truth, which is why we have such a strong connection to Source energy.

The Divine Temple can help us to seek the truth into why our behavior may be getting the best of us. This includes EVERYONE. We ALL MAKE MISTAKES. NO ONE IS PERFECT. One needs to acknowledge their behavior to move forward.

Do we intercommunicate or have misunderstandings with other because of we are jealous? Or because we are in pain? Or because we are envious? We have are own fears, or worries? These are the types of truth seeking questions to ask Source.

The Divine Temple Crystal will help you find inner peace and clarity, deepening your wisdom of the Universe, finding the love and understanding of your inner self. So you may find more clarity in these questions that you are seeking.

Reflection or meditation is truly a soul-seeking journey. Whatever comes to you, will truly be an answer from Source. While it’s important to speak the truth, it’s another lesson to HEAR the truth. So, I want to reassure each and everyone of you, when you are ready, this is when you are ready to HEAR what source has to tell you. Source really speak the truth to your Soul.

So in brief:

The Divine Temple Crystal is…

  • Connect, attune, and align with the Akashic Records (to have a clearer understanding of self
  • Connecting to the love and the wisdom the Universe
  • Group bonding and connection with others
  • Reaching deep states of meditation
  • Acts as a divine temple and direct connection to higher realms
  • Relates to ALL CHAKRAS
  • Crystal colors are Smoky & clear quartz, and sometimes amethyst.

With love, light and Divine Blessings,

Libby xoxo



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