Crystal for the Week: BLACK OBSIDAN – THE SHADOW

Crystal for the Week: BLACK OBSIDAN – THE SHADOW

(Courtesy of The Healing Oracle Crystal Cards by Rachelle Charman

For the week commencing: Monday, June 4, 2018
Crystal Colour: Black
Related Chakras associated with this Crystal: Base

 Have you ever heard the words ‘the dark night of the soul’? If you have – this means that we are all susceptible to be held back by a phobia, fear or an experience that does frighten, worry or cause worry to us. Why is this? It is most likely caused by other factors – other people, other circumstances, and emotions that we can’t control. But let me reassure you – it is not your fault!

Our shadow selves or the dark night of the soul, is by all standards something that is doesn’t not define you, of who you are. You are not defined by this experience, fear nor phobia.  The Black Obsidian crystal is a powerful gem used to get rid of any static energy within your meridian fields. This crystal was formed by the volcanic lava, and holds within it, the medicine of strength, protection and courage. While it may be burnt in the darkness, from it, new light is since reborn – with it comes wisdom from all who cross its path.

Why do we need to cleanse away negativity? It helps to release what no longer serves a purpose, in our being no more. Just like the dark night of the soul – (and for every human being, it will be a different dark night of a soul) we may not like or want what we have experienced, but it does indeed make us who we are today. We need to acceptance ourselves and love ourselves as the Divine beings that we are. Life is an experience, Healing is a process, Love is a lifetime.

So in brief:

  • Powerful cleanser of negative energy
  • Draws to the surface unresolved issues for release and healing
  • Dissolves destructive patterns
  • Lets old habits and traits surface, allowing love and acceptance for total self
  • Permits entry into the void to receive wisdom and knowledge from shadow self

With love and Crystal Blessings,

Libby xoxox

Black Obsidian


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