Crystal of the Week: CROCOITE – SEXUALITY

Crystal of the Week: CROCOITE – SEXUALITY

(Courtesy of the Crystal Reading Cards – The Healing Oracle by Rachelle Charman)

Crystal Colour: Vibrant Orange
Related Chakras: Root and Sacral Chakras

The Crocoite crystal is a dynamic and powerful crystal found only in Tasmania, Australia. Activating the Root Chakra, as well as grounding and centering the thymus, heart, crown and transpersonal chakras. This crystal is one of a kind – as it’s pure vibrations are connected and intertwined with life-forced energy.

Working closely with the fire element, the crocoite crystals burns away any blockages of negativity, that truly stops you from living in the creative flow in Universal energy. It helps anyone who is in need of a personal transformation related to any issue on sexuality, activates the Kundalini life-force energy within the body, helps to awaken one’s Tantric love, and helps to expresses oneself creatively and artistry.

Sexual energy is often connected to your creative energy. Why? Because both are associated with the same chakra – both the Sacral and Root chakras. Both of these powerful and enlightening energies have passion, a zest for life, vitality, stimulation, and pleasure. It is important not to deny yourself of any form of pleasure – whether it be creative or sexual pleasure.

This crystal brings healing and harmony to all that is required on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It helps bring compassion, love and intuition into one’s life. It helps those who are writers, artists or musicians who wish to master or take their craft one step further.

If you wish to bring love into your life, it begins, with showing love and appreciation for oneself.

So, in brief: 

  • Creates an ongoing base-heart-crown connection
  • Helps one find their light so others can make a connection with it
  • Opens the higher chakras and triggers the awareness of ideas
  • Can bring change to the deepest/darkest aspect of life
  • Brings clarity in seeing the progressions one has made from life to life
  • Summons loving, passionate, yet spiritual energy in lovemaking
  • Helps reconnect one with their creative energy
  • Enhances artistic abilities
  • Realigns one with their true potential
  • Has a strong connection to the spiritual realms
  • Aids in the development of intuition and psychic abilities
  • Connects the higher aspects of the self to the lower body
  • Clears blockages in each Chakra
  • Aligns the Root, Heart, and Crown Chakras to fill one with divine energy
  • Helps single women or single men to find a lover
  • Promotes fecundity in women that allows them to realize their feminine aspects
  • Aids masculine people to get in touch with their inner feminine energy
  • Keep by the bed to stimulate sexual pleasure and expression
  • Opens one up to understand their true potential
  • Helps one to learn the reason behind the lessons in life

Sending love and Crystal blessings your way!!



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