Crystal of the Week: SPIRIT QUARTZ – MUSIC

Crystal of the Week: SPIRIT QUARTZ – MUSIC

(Courtesy of the Crystal Reading Cards – The Healing Oracle by Rachelle Charman)

For the week commencing on: Monday, 23 April 2018

Crystal Colours: Lavender, White and Pink
Related Chakras:
All chakras

Music is a universal language. Music can be found in all areas of the global – in every culture, in every religion, and in every country. While we may not speak each other’s language, Music holds the unique vibration of what doesn’t need to be spoken, but yes, of a vibration, of rhythm, it opens up your psyche to all opportunities and all possibilities. The Spirit Quartz, hold the same healing intentions as music of sound, to soothe, to express emotion, and to heal all our chakras.

The Spirit Quartz also wishes to help you embrace life in all its wonder. While life can have its ups and downs, this powerful and healing crystal can help you find balance, harmony and pure joy in all things if you simply embrace the small things. Yes, the little things.

How often has music throughout your life brought back a memory? From a moment in your past: From your first day at school? From your very first job or even your very first kiss? Both good and bad – music always implements our memories of what we wish to see, of what we wish to remember, and in return, this is again about the healing vibrations that we receive.

Music opens you to the higher vibration of your own spiritual knowledge base. If you are open to this, you are able to receive more wisdom to a journey that you are in, in this very moment. Perhaps you need to ask Spirit a question or topic that you need guidance on – and you will get a reply to this. Spirit Quartz helps you to awaken your own musical and psychic abilities, because of this higher and healing vibrations.

So in brief:

  • Opens you to your natural gifts, talents and passions related to sound and music
  • Opens you to the music of the Cosmos
  • Connects you to the Fairy realm and nature spirit, to a sense of magic
  • Balances the chakras, and the energy field, creating wellbeing
  • Invokes balance and inspiration
  • Aligns to the pure joy and freedom that is your birthright

With love and Crystal Blessings,

Libby xo

Spirit Quartz


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