Energy Card for the Day: FEAR

Energy Card for the Day: FEAR

(Courtesy of the Soul’s Journey’s Lessons Cards by James Van Praagh) 

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“I realize that I am testing my resolve to live in the energy of love.” 

The outcome of all choices in life is determined by two emotions: fear and love. Your soul is made of pure love, the energy of love, and fear is the earthly manifestation of a challenge. To embrace and wallow goes against your very being. Fear, in its many guises, is the obstacle of your soul uses to test its tenacity to stay on track. For a soul, human life can be very difficult, but acknowledging your soul’s true nature is love, is always helping you navigating you through your life.

Everyone has fears and sometimes it is hard to understand why we have these fears. But once we learn that fear is merely a lesson for us to grow from our experiences or lessons, we can learn to tackle it head on. Learn to trust that our fears, don’t define us, that they are merely one aspect of our soul, our being, and our purpose. There is more to the incredible human being that you are!

If you do have fearful emotions – what lessons are you taking away from this? The more you learn energy of love to defuse your fears, the less prominent they will become – and hence the stronger you will become.

Love can truly conquer all – and it starts with YOU.

Love Libby xo

Conquer Fear Everyday

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