Astrology Reports

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Astrology Reports 

  • The product is a SERVICE
  • The SALE PRICE for this service is $80.00 (Australian Dollars)
  • This service is available via the use of social media
  • The tools used for this service is astrological software to calculate your Sun, Moon and Rising information about the exact time of your birth. Other reports may need further information.
  • There is a no payment, no reading or healing policy


Astrology Reports

This product is a SERVICE.

THIS SERVICE MAY TAKE PLACE THROUGH THE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA  (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Email, Skype, etc) 

Astrology is the study of the movements and positions of planets, stars and moons at any given time to gather Divinity about human affairs and terrerials events.

Astrology dates back to the 2nd millennium BCE, and has its roots in mathematical systems to predict seasonal shifts as well to interpret celestial cycles as signs of Divine communication. Many cultures through the centuries have attached the importance to astronomical events. Astrologers from India, China and Maya have developed elaborate systems for predicting terrestrial events for celestial observations.

Traditional astrology, otherwise known as Western or Zodiac astrology originated from Babylonian astrology and was also influenced by Hellenistic culture. Other forms of astrology include Vedic or Indian astrology and Chinese astrology.

I practice Zodiac astrology.



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