Dream Interpretation Readings (1 Hour)

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Dream Interpretation Readings (30 Minutes) 

  • The product is a SERVICE
  • The SALE PRICE for this service is $60.00 (Australian Dollars)
  • This service is available via the use of social media
  • The tools used for this service is my mediumship and intuition skills and helping you understanding your dream to help empower yourself.
  • There is a no payment, no reading or healing policy


Dream Interpretation Readings (1 Hour) 

This product is a SERVICE.

THIS SERVICE MAY TAKE PLACE THROUGH THE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA  (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Email, Skype, etc) 

Dream interpretation is the assigning the meaning of the dream. What are the signs, symbols or people that represent some hidden meaning or agenda in a dream of a dreamer? In many cultures and philosophies, from Egypt to Greece, dream interpretation was consider to be a supernatural phenomenon and as a way of Divine communication.

According to Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis and advocate in psychology believed that dreams are a gateway into our unconscious mind. Freud, also believed that during our sleep, when we do dream – it is our unconscious mind telling us of what we would like to fulfill in our lives and therefore, his theory on wish fulfilment has become an interesting debate in the psychological community.

If you are interested in learning about your dreams and what they mean – book an appointment today!!!



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