Spirituality and Disabilities

Spirituality and Disabilities 

What is normal? Is a question that has no definitive answer, although within our society we seem to be labels on people, no matter who they are or what even they portray to be.

For those who are voiceless in our society, the disabled, are often shunned because of who they are, or who they represent.  A disability, is often defined in many dictionaries “is a physical, mental or emotional condition that limits one’s movements, senses, activities of daily life.” People who are disabled, do face much discrimination for being who they are, what they look like, how they act or behaveWe have much bullying, and cyber-bullying within our schools, because of a lack of understanding of a variety of disabilities, (but not limited to), such as autism, asperser’s syndrome,  Tourette’s syndrome, ADHD, eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, and bulimia, blind, deaf or hard of hearing students. While there also needs to be the necessary resources available for all students who are struggling with their schooling or any form of personal issues. It is tough being a young person, and their families. 

I can tell you that I myself, am disabled. I was born with mild cerebral palsy, and I’m also hard of hearing myself. While my life does have continues to have challenges and obstacles, it hasn’t been easy, I was also bullied for being different.  I have learnt to remain compassionate and accepting of all people from all walks of life. While a lot has change since I was a school, we all still have a responsibility towards being accepting and kind towards all students whom things may be challenging, but it won’t stop them from achieving their dreams.

Here is where spirituality, comes in…..

Some of the great spiritual teachers you will find in this world are those with disabilities.

But why is this? And I will try my best to explain this…..! These beautiful men, woman and children, have some of the highest vibrations of pure love, and pure wisdom energy on Earth. These wise souls, have come here to show the world how to be more compassionate, understanding, respectful and loving towards ourselves, and other people. This is their life purpose, and soul purpose. This beautiful souls of pure love and light to shine through this world.

Did I choose to be disabled? Maybe. I don’t know. That’s something only God, the Divine creator of everything knows. But I was born with my disabilities and I don’t know any different. But I wouldn’t change anything in the world. I see disability as a gift and a blessing.

We are here for a reason to experience life – the highlights, the lowlights, and everything in between. While challenges and obstacles may occur, it we truly accept ourselves and embrace who we are, we can achieve anything in our pathway. The mind controls our matter – what we see is important and vital to use.

So in truth, an individual who is disabled is accepting of who they are, their limitations, but also of the well-held belief that they are truly able to do anything that they wish to do in with their life. Nothing is off limits and truly nothing is truly a disability to them.

For all that we are, and for that we will be, we are truly able to achieve greatness.

geralt / Pixabay

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