Super Moon Energy in Gemini!

Super Moon Energy In Gemini

The Super Moon in Gemini took place on Thursday, May 25th, 2017. This New Moon was “Super” since it was not visible to the human eye, no matter how big or close it may be because of the position of the moon relative to the sun and Earth.

If you were hoping to get a glance of the Super Moon on Thursday, you would have been slightly disappointed as the lighted half of the moon would have faced entirely away from Earth and would have been too close for the Sun’s glare to be seen.

However, if you couldn’t see the Super Moon in the sky, perhaps you could have seen it through other means of the oceans tides! The range of tides over the course of the weekend will be abnormally large with high tides coming higher than advantage and low tides going lower. Definitely a good excuse to go to the beach if you can – especially if you in the Northern Hemisphere!! Summertime is in the Air!

This is most appropriate since if you don’t know that Gemini is indeed an Air sign that is highly intuitive, logical, and intellectual and one awesome multi-tasker!! Gemini is also ruled by Mercury! Mercury helps you come up with new ideas, fresh insights and amazing visions. It is important to be mindful at this time and be aware to not take on more than you can handle.

This New Moon also helps you to reflect on what you truly desire and what you really want in your life.

On a personal level you may experience the following physical symptoms because of the Super Moon: (THESE PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS CAN BE TENSE)

(Unable to sleep

Waking at early hours

Sleeping long hours



Ear Aches

Tense Muscles, Spasms


Foggy Head


Light Headed

Sore Throats) to be released to deep emotions.

Lots of fears and anxiety was brought to the surface. Close relationships were analyzed.

Not all physical symptoms will affect one person, since ALL OF US ARE DIFFERENT. But we are all sensitive to all the Moon’s energy. All these should only last a few days.  IF ANY OF THESE SYMPTOMS PERSIST, PLEASE SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE IMMEDIATELY.

It is a time for RELEASING, for RELAXING, and for REFLECTION. The New Moon Energy allows us to RENEW and REVIEW what you have learnt in order to move forward.

With love and Super Moon Blessings to you all,

Libby xoxoxo

Golden Angel


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