The Lightworker & Spiritual Oath

The Lightworker & Spiritual Oath


Just as medical physicians are hereby to follow the Hippocratic Oath , I was guided to write one for fellow lightworkers and spiritualists. I have based it on the Hippocratic Oath.

The oath is as follow below…..

I swear by the Divine, one of perpetual love and light (God or any other word for Higher Invention or deity) ; and other extension of realms of love and light, to fulfill to the best of my ability and judgment to be a practicing lightworker.

I will respect and work with other fellow lightworkers to bring more peace, love, kindness and comfort to all people – from all different walks of life.
I will gladly share my own wisdom, truth and knowledge with other light workers and students of life.

I will accept that I will not purposely harm myself and will not purposely harm another human being in terms of energy exchange and of my time and gifts. If I do, I understand that the misusing of my gifts and talents in this current lifetime can bring dire consequences in my next lifetime.

I will not bring my own ego or negative thoughts, words or actions into my work. I will strive to always do my best for my clients for the highest good of all involved.

I will be always being thoughtful, open-minded and courtesy to all my clients; I will respect their privacy, confidentiality and boundaries as a lightworker and spiritualist. In return, I expect the same generous courtesy to be shown to me by my clients.

I will be open-minded to many other modalities of spirituality, paranormal or psychic knowledge. I strive to learn at my own pace on personal development.

I will at my own discretion (if need be) to charge for my services or products.
If I don’t violate this oath, may I always enjoy, be thankful for the gifts and talents that I have received from the Divine one of perpetual love and light (God or any other word for Higher Invention or deity) .

I am proud to be of service to others, and that I am grateful for all that I experience, the good, the bad and the neutral. May I always be blessed and to experience the joy in helping others.

And so it is. Blessed Be.

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